We are very proud to announce that we have a wonderful collaboration with O-Break! O-Break makes the most soft and wearable (kids) Poncho's you can imagine. Ánd every piece is handmade in the Netherlands. Ideal for your child's sauna/beach and relax session. We LOVE this product! 

The 4 different robot pockets are designed by Studio Lollipop :)

We are proud of our Eco Ponshows for kids and adults which are made from unbleached cotton which is produced under GOTS (*) conditions and which we get from Pure Fabricz. Because of their sustainability the awesome material they are made of is perfect for people and children with sensitive skin. It prevents allergic reactions which can appear with clothes which are treated with all kind of chemicals before they are sold in shops.

Every poncho can be made in the size you prefer, if you are looking for another size then mentioned: email!